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At Metapixel, our Boise website design team will help you turn your vision for your website into a reality, and convert your online visitors into paying customers. Contact us today for a free quote. 

State-of-the-Art Boise Website Design

Our Boise website development team is here to help you from start to finish building a WordPress website design that meets your needs. Scroll down to learn the process our WordPress web designers use to with with customers to provide them with a website design that meets their needs.

Wordpress Development

Mobile Responsive

Our Boise website design team builds every website to be responsive to various screen sizes, including desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

Aesthetic Design

Our Boise website development team takes special care in designing aesthetic interfaces, making sure that every single design element is perfected. 

Custom UI/UX

We don’t just build websites with templates. Our Boise web design team custom-designs each and every website so that yours is completely unique. 

Optimized for Search

We do more than just build stunning designs. Our Boise website development team optimizes every website to ensure that it performs to its maximum potential. 

Our Boise Website Design & Development Process

Initial Consultation

First, we will meet with you to discuss the ins and outs of your website. If you have a unique idea and want to protect your intellectual property, we highly recommend utilizing an NDA. We are happy to sign it, as we do often. We can even write one up for you. 

Once formalities are out of the way, we will pick your brain to get the clearest possible understanding of your vision for your website. If all parties agree that we’re a good fit, we will move forward with designing and developing your website. 

UX/UI Design (Optional)

Before building your website, you need to have a vision. A UX/UI mockup brings your vision to life before development even begins.

UX stands for User Experience. This is a wireframe design that allows you to plan out the general layout and frame-by-frame workflow that users will experience with your website.

UI stands for User Interface. This takes your UX design and adds some style to it. By adding color and styling to each frame layout, you’re able to envision exactly what your users will see when your site is live. Our Boise web design team can assist in finding a UX/UI design that fits your business.

Web Development

This stage is where the bulk of our work takes place. Once our Boise web development has a clear understanding of your vision for your website, we will begin web development, starting with building a framework and theme. Then we begin building your website’s layout and design for each page of your site, adding additional features, and then adding the finishing touches. 

Website Feature Testing

Throughout the entirety of the project, we will spend countless hours testing features with the user in mind. We will then go back to the drawing board to add elements, fix bugs, and optimize user experience. This is a tedious back and forth process that occurs at every stage of the web development cycle, but it is absolutely crucial to ensure optimum performance of your site.


We will work closely with you at each step of the way to ensure we are on track with bringing your vision to life, scheduling meetings with you during each development phase. 

Feedback and Revisions

Near the end of your website project, we will meet with you to review the design and website development work we’ve completed. At this point, your website will be nearly complete. After this meeting, you will review your website, provide feedback and request revisions. We will then complete these revisions. 

Final Launch

We’re a WordPress web design company that will work diligently to ensure that the final product is as bug-free and as user-friendly as possible prior to launch. Once your website is launched and live, the project will be completed. However, we will be available to assist you should any technical issues arise. We often work with clients on an ongoing basis after a website launch to further optimize user experience.

Additional Boise Web Design & Development Services

Boise Web Design

Custom Coding & Development

Take your website to the next level with custom HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and more. Our skilled Boise web development team can help build custom functions and features unlike any other. 

Boise Website Development

Website Hosting & Management

Need a reliable yet affordable web hosting service? We’ve got you covered. Our website hosting service lets you take control of your website with automatic updates, backups and more.

Boise App Development

Web App Design & Development

Looking for something a little more complex? We can build it. Our skilled Idaho web design team can help you build a custom web application that has state-of-the art capabilities. 

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We don’t just design websites to make them look pretty, we design them with the goal of converting as many of your website visitors into paying customers. Contact us today for a free quote for web design and development in Boise, Idaho. 

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