Get to Know Us

MetaPixel is a boutique website, app and software development agency located in Boise, Idaho. Founded in 2016, we have helped dozens of businesses grow by developing websites, cloud software and mobile apps. 

Adam is a serial-entrepreneur with a background in Business Marketing and SEO. While helping businesses in various industries grow through internet marketing during his career, Adam was able to identify opportunities in creating automated business solutions software. His understanding of business needs and his creative ideas are what inspired Adam to launch MetaPixel with his business partner David.

David is a genius website, app and software developer with an undeniable work ethic. He has developed various Apple & Android apps, cloud software, and professional websites for various businesses. During his free time, David enjoys expanding his artistic abilities in sketching, painting and music. His creative mind and robot-like development skills drove David to launch MetaPixel with his partner Adam.

Nick is a data-driven tech guru with a knack for product development and invention. His background and knowledge in Business Administration and Information Technology allowed Nick to grow within the company. His tenacious work ethic, his technical skills and his deep understanding of business development were seen as huge assets within MetaPixel. Thus, Nick became a partner within his first year at MetaPixel.

our story

Before it became a successful website, app and software development agency, MetaPixel started as a small, full service internet marketing agency. CTO David Barrera and CEO Adam Garrett first met as colleagues working for a startup company in Boise, Idaho. While working together, the pair had discussed their longtime desires to start agencies of their own. With Barrera’s fluency in website design and development and Garrett’s experience in internet marketing, the two partnered up and created MetaPixel, a full-stack internet marketing agency. 

MetaPixel’s clients often asked the partners to do more than what they had signed up for, but the partners were eager to help these small companies succeed. From developing Amazon analysis tools to designing Apple apps for real estate brokers, MetaPixel had become a website, app and software development agency almost by accident. MetaPixel’s partners began to notice the opportunity in design and development, and decided to pursue it full time. Thus, MetaPixel became what it is today and continues to grow tremendously each quarter.