Boise Mobile App Design

We specialize in building mobile apps in Boise, Idaho. Get state-of-the-art UX/UI design with our custom software development services.  

State-of-the-Art Boise App Design & Software Development

Cloud Data Storage

All of your data is stored in the cloud so that its consistent when used on device.

Custom UX/UI

As a software agency we custom build every mobile app with an aesthetic user interface and a user experience that flows.

Local Hardware/Software Compatibility

Our Boise software agency can integrate your app to utilize software and hardware on any device, including cameras, face recognition software, fingerprint scanners and more.

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3rd Party App Integration

Integrate with third party apps, websites and other resources through APIs.

Push Notifications

Increase user engagement on your app with custom push notifications.

Monetization Capability

There are many ways to monetize your app including advertisements, "freemium" models and more.

Why Hybrid Apps?

We specialize in developing hybrid mobile apps. But what is a hybrid app, and what makes it different? In mobile app development you have three options: web apps, native apps, and hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are essentially a combination of native apps and web apps. A hybrid app consists of two parts: the first is the back-end code, and the second is a native shell that is downloadable and loads the code using a webview. Hybrid apps are less expensive than native apps, don’t require a browser like web apps, and can leverage device APIs. Hybrid apps use a single code base for all platforms, meaning your development team can maintain the code in once place and run it anywhere,  unlike native apps which require you to build and maintain separate code for Android and iOS platforms. Hybrid apps are built using Cordova and Ionic frameworks. For these reasons, we prefer to build Hybrid apps. If you’re looking to for a Boise app developer to help you build the next million-dollar app, look no further. Contact us today. 

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