5 Essential Steps to Revive Conversions in Your Google Ads Campaign


Running a Google Ads campaign is an excellent way to drive traffic and boost conversions for your business. However, like any marketing effort, sometimes campaigns can experience a slump in performance, leading to a drop in conversions. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through five essential steps to help you identify the issues and revive your Google Ads campaign for optimal performance.

Step 1: Check Your Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords

The first step is to assess the overall performance of your campaigns. Identify which campaign is experiencing the most significant decrease in conversions. By pinpointing the problematic campaign, you can focus your efforts on optimizing it to regain lost conversions.

Once you’ve identified the underperforming campaign, dive deeper by examining your ad groups. Determine which specific ad group within that campaign has lost the most conversions. This information will help you narrow down your troubleshooting efforts and identify potential weaknesses in ad group targeting and messaging.

With the underperforming ad group in focus, evaluate the keywords associated with it. Are there any specific keywords that have contributed significantly to the drop in conversions? It’s essential to review your keyword selection and make adjustments as necessary. Consider removing irrelevant or underperforming keywords and adding new, relevant ones to improve targeting.

Step 2: Check Your Search Terms

To ensure your ads are reaching the right audience, analyze the search terms triggered by your keywords. Identify any irrelevant searches that may be eating into your budget without yielding conversions. Add negative keywords to prevent your ads from showing up for irrelevant searches, thus optimizing your ad spend.

Step 3: Check Your Change History

Changes in your Google Ads account might have unintentionally impacted performance. Review your change history to identify any modifications made during the period of declining conversions. Keep an eye out for adjustments to bids, budgets, ad copy, or targeting settings that may have negatively affected your campaign’s performance.

Step 4: Check the Conversions Tab

Take a look at your conversions tab to ensure all conversion actions are actively tracking and reporting accurately. Check if any conversion actions are showing as inactive or have not registered any conversions in the last few days or weeks. If there are discrepancies, reconfigure your conversion tracking to ensure data accuracy.

Step 5: Check Your Tags

Finally, verify that your conversion tags are functioning correctly. Technical glitches or changes to your website might have rendered your conversion tags inactive. Utilize tools like the Tag Manager Assistant to verify if your tags are still active on your website. Reactivate or reinstall tags if necessary to resume accurate tracking of conversions.


Experiencing a decline in conversions in your Google Ads campaign is a common challenge for marketers. However, by following these five essential steps, you can diagnose the root causes and take appropriate actions to revive your campaign’s performance. Regularly monitor and optimize your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and search terms to stay ahead of any potential issues. With a proactive approach and attention to detail, you can turn your Google Ads campaign into a high-converting powerhouse for your business. Happy advertising!

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